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There are many different things that signify the beginning of spring: flowers, warmer weather, bright colors, and for some people, the Coachella music festival. Drawing in the hottest bands from all over, Coachella is not only a hub for music lovers, but it’s also a major fashion event. You don’t have to be a runway model to have the best looks here; the greatest outfits usually come from every day fashionistas who get a kick out of showing off their own personalstyle. But this isn’t a place to don your nicest evening dress. Instead, most outfits are inspired by spunk, individuality, some eclectic music taste, and it is definitely geared toward the hot weather. If you’re headed to Southern California for Coachella 2013, here are some style tips to help you create the perfect look.

Crop Tops
With temperatures predicted to be in the high 80’s during the two-weekend music festival, not only are attendees thinking about how to look great, but also how to look great and keep cool! If you’ve ever wondered about the appropriate time to bust out a crop top shirt, now is the time. With plenty of different styles, you can find what look suits you best!

High-waisted shorts
Similar to crop tops, you wouldn’t want to wear high-waisted, torn up jean shorts to a nice event. But Coachella is the perfect place to bring out some shorts with lots of character and spunk. Plenty of stores sell their very own tattered treasures, but if you’re really feeling creative you can even take the DIY approach! But if you try to make your own shorts, leave some time to make mistakes so you can be sure to have killer pair of shorts.

Long Skirt
If you want to go for a more covered look than short shorts, then another great look is a long skirt. Floor length skirts can be a perfect option that provides more coverage to your lower half, but they can still work well with the hot weather. And if you pair a long skirt with a crop top, then you have the best of both worlds. Choose something flowy and light, and you’re all set!

Since the entire concert is outdoors and it will more than likely be sunny, stylish sunglasses are essential. Not only can you protect your eyes from bright rays of sun, but glasses are a perfect opportunity to spice up your outfit! Get creative, get crazy, and picture whatever style you want to show off!


The party at Coachella goes all day and all night, so that means a lot of standing, walking, and dancing on your feet. You want to make sure that you wear shoes that give you some support so your feet aren’t completely dead by the end of the week. Although it might be tempting to just slide into some flip flops, it might be a better option to go with shoes like booties. Stylish and supportive, think of your taking care of your feet and your style when picking out footware!


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