People on Twitter Just Went Off About How Annoying Crop Tops Are & It's So Cathartic

As the sun begins to shine and our campuses warm up, the designs available in stores tend to get a little… shorter. And this year, that adjective doesn’t just apply to the lower half of our outfits. The powers that be have decided that the look of this summer is Pooh Bear-chic. You can’t walk into a Forever 21 or H&M without being surrounded by half-size shirts and, frankly, Twitter isn’t having it — the whole world around.

From Wales, @the_littlenomad tweeted, “The woman in H&M shouting “But why is everything cropped?!?” Is my soul sister.”

She’s ours, too.

From Ontario, @kaitcosulich tweeted, “Its so frustrating that I cant just buy a regular nice shirt, whys everything gotta be short or cropped??”

And, from Sacramento, Erika Anda tweeted, “Why does forever 21 make everything super cropped, I want a shirt I can stuff my face with and be bloated in peace.”

Honestly, this tweet is such a mood, it deserves a plaque.

All of these are exquisitely 2018. But this made me curious, as someone who exclusively buys secondhand — is it that hard to find a full-length shirt in stores right now?

Don’t worry, I did the math.

On H&M’s website, crops only make up 9 percent of their tops. This didn’t seem terribly unbalanced, so I went to check another store. Charlotte Russe came in a bit harder with 22 percent of their tops being cropped. It was when I looked at Forever 21 that I fully understood: Crop tops make up 38 percent of their top selection. It may not be every shirt, but when they make up over a third of the selection, it can certainly feel that way.

In the now immortal words of @popular_keish, “Can we get more cute shirts that aren't crop tops and bralettes!”

Stephanie Blair is a freelance writer and photographer with nearly five years of experience working with print and online publications. She is currently living in Salem, Oregon while finishing her degree at Western Oregon University.

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