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Haute or Not: Chanel’s Hula-Hoop Bag

Posted Nov 29 2012 - 5:04pm


It’s been a while since the Spring 2013 shows came down the runway, but one show in particular still has us questioning the sanity – or savvy? – of the fashion world. Chanel’s spring collection, as per usual, was one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week. Staged in the City of Lights’ glass-domed Grand Palais, complete with larger-than-life windmills and solar panels, the theme of the défilé was energy: “The wind and sun are free,” Uncle Karl told

The collection veered away from the label’s signature tweed in favor of more spring-inspired pieces, adorned with a hefty smattering of pearls. While we were all for the breezy silhouettes and architectural shoes, one piece in particular had us stumped: those hula-hoop handbags.

At first, we weren’t too surprised: runway collections are often more about pomp and presentation than what’s actually going to be in stores. But now that the handbag is actually being put into production, we’re a little confused. Sure, following trends isn’t always the most practical of pursuits – and that’s a sacrifice we’re more than willing to make – but at a certain point, where do you draw the line between fashion and function? If you had the funds, would you take one for a spin (pun intended) or leave this accessory to the high-fashion playground?


What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.


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