12 Year Old Designer at New York Fashion Week

While many of us begin to pinpoint our professional paths in our twenties, 12 year old clothing designer, Isabella Rose Taylor received attention at New York Fashion Week for her already impressive career prospects.

Having displayed an early artistic inclination, Taylor produced paintings that were sold at a private art dealer in Dallas at only three years old.  By eight, she started to design and make clothes, and after only four years, she displayed her fall line at Austin Fashion week, where she received a Rising Star Award this past May.


Describing her style as “Hippie meets grunge,” Taylor sees a direct correlation between art and fashion design, telling to NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo; “When people ask me 'which do you prefer?', I always say, 'They're the same. If art had legs, it would be fashion.”

She attributes her success to what she calls “BSG,” short for “blood, sweat and glitter,  because  as she explains “you have to have passion and you have to put a lot of hard work. And then you have to have inspiration and fun with what you're doing.”

Taylor expresses that her goal is to take her brand, Isabella Rose Taylor Designs, global, and eventually show at New York Fashion Week. 

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