8 Trends We’re Glad To Leave Behind

Every so often, we need to take stock of fashion trends gone horribly wrong to ensure we never repeat them. Because trends recycle, it’s a real possibility some styles that were a bad idea will be repackaged as the “next big thing” and sold to an unsuspecting public. Do you really want to see fanny packs, scrunchies and mom jeans on your college campus? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Collegiettes, introducing the trends we hope never make a comeback!

Fanny packs: 

Sure, it sounds like a good idea. Carrying around a purse isn’t always practical. You can throw your keys, wallet and lipstick in a fanny pack and go. Your hands are free, and your shoulder doesn’t hurt from all the stuff you would be lugging around if you were carrying a purse.

Unfortunately, some of our favorite designers are trying to force this trend back into fashion. Don’t give in. We love Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton and DKNY, but we have to decline this accessory. Let’s think about this first. We’re not kangaroos. Instead of a fanny pack, there’s always the crossbody purse, which is actually a trend we can stand behind. Fanny packs? Pass!

Scrunchies galore:

This all-purpose hair accessory worked for ponytails, buns and updos of any kind. It also doubled as a bracelet. You could find gigantic scrunchies in every color imaginable. Why don’t we want these to come back? One word: tacky.

Scrunchies are fun if you’re hanging around the house, but they don’t belong in every hairstyle. Another word: messy (and not in a cute way). And if Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw has anything to say about it, scrunchies won’t make a lasting comeback on anyone’s head.

If you want to want to indulge in the scrunchie, do so in moderation. It’s a comfortable accessory but not one that should be a go-to style. Goody’s Ouchless Elastics are a better choice. Elastics hold hair better than scrunchies do and come in colors that can even blend into your hair. Your messy bun can look stylishly messy... on purpose!


We’re not talking about wearing a sexy thong under your clothes. No, we’re talking about broadcasting that thong as if it’s a badge of honor. It’s not. The visible thong trend of the late 90s popped up on every street corner and on every campus. Girls and young women wore really low-cut jeans to show off their thongs. Why are we happy to leave this trend behind?

Um, yeah. Accidental pun. Anyway, showing your thong is equivalent to the droopy pants guys wear. It’s sloppy. It’s also not sexy, at least not sexy in a good way. We can also say that it was an incredibly uncomfortable trend. If your thong decided to hide in your jeans, what would you have to do? Pull the thong up or pull your pants down. Let’s leave this wedgie-giving trend in the 90s, girls.

Mom jeans:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we had mom jeans. Women didn’t show their thongs in these. Instead, these jeans came up to the belly button, flattened the behind and destroyed the celebration of womanhood one pant leg at a time.

Motherhood is a great thing, but really. You don’t stop being a woman once you become a mom. Haven’t hot moms like Reese Witherspoon, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Garner taught us anything? They’re great moms, but they’re also beautiful, strong women. So we suggest leaving mom jeans in the past.

Roxanna Coldiron is a recent graduate of Hiram College with a B.A in Communication and is a current master's student at The New School in NYC. She likes to be busy, so she often works several jobs at once and takes an overload of interesting classes. Time management is her specialty! Her goal in life is to tell stories through a variety of media platforms. Follow her on Twitter @roxanna_media!

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