1 Shirt 5 Days in a Row: An HC Intern's Attempt to Style the Same Shirt Every Day & See if People Notice

I hate to admit it, but I often stare at my closet full of clothes and think, ughh I have nothing to wear! When I first heard about the challenge, Six Items Or Less, I couldn’t believe that there were people out there who would voluntarily cut their wardrobe down to six measly articles of clothing for an entire month’s time. But after reading more about the project, I realized how interesting and potentially meaningful this challenge could be. And thus, my next HC Intern Experiment was born… 

I am not quite ready to take on the full 6 Items or Less Challenge and have modified it in a way that I believe achieves a similar goal, but with fewer restrictions. Every day for an entire week (Monday-Friday) I will wear the same shirt. Each day, I will post a picture of my outfit and at the end of the week, I will reflect on whether the challenge made me think about my clothes differently, as well as whether people noticed.

The Shirt:

You would have thought that in creating the 1 shirt/5 days challenge, I would choose to wear my favorite, most adorable top. But rather than rely on something adorable that I can easily pair with 5 different types of bottoms, I decided to really challenge myself and stick with something plain and simple. I decided on this simple, white ¾ length button-down from J.Crew. This is a shirt that I’ve owned for over a year but have only worn a handful of times. I know this choice will really push my creativity and accessorizing abilities to the limit and I’m looking forward to documenting how it turns out!

Day 1

It’s my first day of the 1 Shirt/5 Days challenge and I’ve already noticed a difference in the way I view my wardrobe.  Whether I mean to or not, I tend to fall into wearing the same cycle of clothes for months at a time. But this experiment refreshed my entire perspective, and I am now considering pieces that I haven’t worn for years. Enter in my purple Nanette Lepore tweed shorts! These babies have been sitting in my closet since fall 2010 and I’ve only worn them a few times. I paired the look with a velvet purple blazer, black braided belt and my favorite black booties. I knew I was going to be working in the HC office today and it’s always important to me that I look professional but with a fun, editorial twist at the same time.

Day 2

I don’t know what it is about this challenge that reminds me of old clothes I haven’t worn in years! This skirt is 6 years old and from one of the very first limited edition Target designer lines. I wore it with a gray cardigan, black headband, beaded necklace, and oxfords to complete the preppy look. I got a few compliments on my outfit from some friends but hope they didn’t pay too much attention because I will be wearing the same shirt tomorrow!

Nikki Fig is a Broadcast Journalism major at Emerson College. She writes, produces and reports for shows on several Emerson television stations and is a web writer for Emerson's lifestyle publication, Em Mag. She is also the Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi and recently returned from a study abroad program in Israel. Nikki is graduating in May and plans to move back to New York City. She wants to pursue a career in journalism that will enable her to combine her love of fashion, travel and culture.

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