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Always dreamed of starting your own magazine? Apply to be a Campus Correspondent and lead a chapter of Her Campus at your school!
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis!

A My Campus chapter is a section on devoted to your school with six content areas (Features, Blogs, Campus Celebrities, Campus Cuties, Snapshot, and Events) so readers from your school can have an individualized experience on

Offline, a chapter is also a community of collegiettes on your campus interested in journalism, magazines, writing, event planning, PR, social media, marketing, business/entrepreneurship, and more. It offers the opportunity for college journalists and students interested in marketing or public relations to gain writing experience, publish clips, and participate in marketing campaigns with national clients.

What are the responsibilities of a Campus Correspondent?

As Campus Correspondent (think President/Editor-in-Chief), you are responsible for building a staff, producing weekly content, and publicizing your chapter on campus - running your own online magazine that is a part of Her Campus's national network.

  • Editorial: Create new content for each of the six features and upload it to the site on a weekly basis (no prior web experience required).
  • Publicity: Publicize and your “My Campus” chapter on your campus.
  • Team: Build a staff at your school to work under you to grow your chapter.
  • Marketing: Work with HC National on large-scale client marketing programs that your chapter is selected to do, which may include sponsored blog posts and social media, campus sampling, and campus events.

The position is remote and unpaid, but it offers a unique opportunity to gain experience in digital media and publishing as part of an international community of top student journalists. Since joining the Her Campus Team, HC writers have been offered jobs and internships at GlamourVogueVanity FairSeventeenMarie ClaireHarper’s BazaarPeople magazine, W magazine, Teen VogueInStyleLuckyEsquire, O magazine, MTV, The Washington PostWomen’s Wear Daily, The Huffington Post, Digitas, Ogilvy, and many more.

What qualities do you look for in applicants? 

  • Demonstrated interest in journalism, publishing, entrepreneurship, and/or marketing
  • Leadership skills
  • Clear communication 
  • Responsiveness via email
  • Flawless writing and editing skills
  • Attention to detail 

Cool! How do I apply?

You can fill out the application form here with the documents below. Please save each document as PDF file. While applicants are welcome to apply either as an individual founder or in a team of two co-founders, preference is given to teams of two. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The application asks for the following:

  • Cover letter (joint cover letter for co-applicants)
  • Resume (individual resumes required): emphasize experience in journalism, online media, marketing/public relations/event planning, entrepreneurship, or general leadership experience
  • Writing sample (individual samples required): Preferred samples include a press release or an article for a newspaper, magazine, or blog. Choose a writing sample that demonstrates your ability to write professionally with clarity and coherence. The subject matter may be similar to the content found on, but it may also be anything about which you feel passionate. If you do not have a press release or article, you may submit a creative writing piece (prose only) or an academic paper.
  • 3 on-campus publicity ideas (3 joint ideas for co-applicants). 
  • A minimum of 5 students on campus interested in joining your team

What does the application process involve?

The acceptance, orientation and onboarding process may take six weeks to two months to complete, but you will be assisted the entire way by our Chapter Management Team. You will be expected to:

  • Submit a work product test
  • Complete a brief phone interview with Cara Chiaramonte, Campus Development Associate
  • Acquire 100 email signatures from your school to demonstrate campus support
  • Sign confidentiality agreements
  • Carefully read through documentation to orient you to the Her Campus site and prepare you to lead a chapter and take short quizzes
  • Prepare your first week's worth of content and submit it two weeks prior to your launch date for National review
  • Practice uploading content to the site
  • Recruit writers and build a team on your campus

Applications are currently being considered for Spring 2015 and will be accepted on a rolling basis. This position is unpaid, but internship credit is available. 

Questions? Email

HC Campus Correspondents past and present say:

"Why Her Campus? Why not? Her Campus has opened up more doors for me than I can possibly imagine. My summer was spent in every situation possible from physically handing my resume to The New York Times to having dinner with Intel representatives...all thanks to Her Campus. This organization has truly taken my love for writing, passion for success, dedication to leadership, and confidence to be a woman and placed it on the highest pedestal ever imagined. That's why I am a part of Her Campus and that's why you should be, too." - Jessica K., Campus Correspondent, Bryant University (original blog post)

"[Her Campus is] an organization that really cares about women. My staff and I are close and I see them as my sisters. I feel the same from the other campus correspondents and staff. We want to make Her Campus better and better and I love that we are all in this together, even though we're spread across the country. My time working for Her Campus has been my happiest time in college and I want to share that with the women on my campus. HC Love!" - Hillary J., Campus Correspondent, Ohio University

"Her Campus is an invaluable organization, which will jumpstart any collegiette's entertainment, journalism or media career. Joining the team in its inaugural year, as the founder of UC Santa Barbara's branch, I worked with Her Campus for the majority of my college years from 2009-2012. Without my Her Campus affiliation, I would not have had the experience to land an ASME internship, a staff position at TV Guide Magazine, as an editorial assistant and entertainment reporter, and ultimately, become Senior Editor at Bonnie Fuller's, where I am working today!" - Elizabeth W., HC Campus Correspondent

"As a Campus Correspondent, you get more experience than you imagined when you signed up. No summer internship or part time job can top managing a team of awesome writers & marketing geniuses! Every job I've had I can honestly say is due 100 percent to my experience at Her Campus--the skills you learn while writing, editing, marketing, and event planning with HC can take you into any field you want. I work in politics--and I still reference HC all. the. time. HCXO." - Nikki W., HC Campus Correspondent

"Her Campus gave me the opportunity to see a side of web production I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. It offered both myself and my peers an outlet to express the ideas of our community (UNH) on a scale that extended outside our school's population. I was able to develop my management and public relations skills in a setting outside of the classroom, under the direction of trained professionals. The girls of Her Campus UNH and beyond became more than just the people I worked with, they became my friends. I consider myself really lucky to have had this opportunity and would recommend joining (or starting) a Her Campus chapter to anyone looking to expand and advance their professional skill set or circle!" - Leah T., HC Campus Correspondent

"[At Her Campus William & Mary,] I found that I could try out a lot of things, be creative, and make friends with girls I never would have hung out with before. [...] HerCampus isn’t just for people who want to be journalists and writers—I worked on the social media team, and served as an event coordinator. Having HCWM on my resume helped me get a paid internship this summer at Gannett [...] working in marketing, the field I hope to work in someday. [...] I absolutely believe that in this club, we truly find ourselves being praised in our successes and our hard work recognized. HC W&M is my sisterhood, my outlet, and my career network. I have made great friends, and produced some great work. HerCampus shaped a wonderful freshman year for me, and I look forward to continuing on with HerCampus—my creative outlet, my job, and honestly, my family." - Harper Y., Campus Correspondent, The College of William & Mary (original blog post)

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