Summer Lovin' or More? How to Know If You Should Go From a Summer Fling to the Real Thing

Why a Fling Should Become a Relationship

Every once in awhile, you meet someone, and you “just know” that in some way, it is meant to be. If this sounds like what you have with your summer guy, then it’s possible you should try to turn your fling into a more permanent relationship. To help you decide, we have pointed out few signs that your relationship is ready for the long haul.
You Really Know Each Other
If you have spent a significant amount of time together, you have met each other’s friends and family, and you feel as though you know a lot about him – his likes and dislikes, his values, his goals, etc. – then you may be ready to start a relationship. “Once my summer fling and I had talked about what we wanted out of life and where we had already been, I realized that I wanted him to be my boyfriend,” says Brittany, a student at Florida State University. “Our serious conversations brought us so much closer as a couple.” Once you have the foundation, it’s time to start building the relationship.
You Have Made Plans Together
If you are already counting down the days until the two of you head out on a weekend trip over the Labor Day holiday or until you attend his fraternity’s formal, then it’s clear that you’re hoping to continue your relationship after the summer ends. “I invited my summer fling to visit me at school in September,” says Mal, a student at Boston College. “Once he said yes, I knew we were more than just a fling.” Making plans together shows you are ready to make your fling a permanent thing.

You Are Both Ready
If the two of you are in a place where you’re looking for a relationship – you have been single for a while, you have time to put into a relationship, you are ready for a commitment – then there is a good chance that the time you have spent together this summer is only the beginning of a serious relationship.
You Want to Spend Every Second Together
If you have spent nearly every single day this summer getting to know each other, miss each other the second you part ways and text/call every time you are apart, then you have probably developed a relationship that can move into a long-term thing.
If You Are Going to Be Long-Distance, You Are Willing to Make Sacrifices
If the only option for the two of you after summer ends is a long-distance relationship, you are going to have to make a lot of sacrifices for your relationship. And if you both are ready to make these sacrifices for each other – such as staying in to Skype instead of going out with friends, dealing with high phone bills and leaving school for a weekend to visit each other – then you have more than just a summer fling.

Allie Duncan is a senior, class of 2013, in the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. She is specializing in Strategic Communication within the Journalism department, while also pursuing a Textile and Apparel Management minor. In addition to writing for Her Campus, Allie is a member of Kappa Delta sorority - Epsilon Iota chapter, the Publicity Director for Her Campus Mizzou, a Campus Representative/Intern for Akira Chicago, a Contributing Writer for Chicago-Scene magazine and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. She spent the 2012 summer as an intern at Tory Burch, and the 2011 summer as an intern at Vogue magazine. A Chicago native, Allie enjoys shopping, watching reality television, cupcakes, expensive shoes and reading magazines. She hopes to eventually land a job in fashion public relations while living in New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

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