Real Live College Guy Sean: How Do I Get Mr. Popular To Notice Me?

Broke from calling late night love lines for advice? Looking for the lowdown on the hoedown when it comes to college guys? Real Live College Guy Sean is here to help you pick apart the mind of the average college guy. Whether it’s avoiding that awkward weekend hook-up, or full-on relationship advice, Sean is here to save the day!

I have this crush on a guy in my English class who is basically our school celebrity. The problem is, I've only ever had a few quick exchanges with him and I know too much about him because everyone talks about him. I feel like I want to make a move and maybe slip him my number, but when that many girls are interested in him, I don't want to just become another girl. Where do I go from here? - Ugh at UCLA

He’s the captain of the Frisbee team and the lead singer of a kick-a** college band. He’s that guy who actually got the campus to go streaking through the quad and into the gymnasium (yes, that was an Old School reference). The point is, he’s the campus celebrity and he seems to know just about everyone. So how do you get the guy who has it all?

Most importantly, what you have to do is make him remember you. You have to force yourself into his mind so that there is no way he can pass up talking to you. It sounds like this dude has the pick of the litter when it comes to women (lucky jerk) and as a consequence, you have to get him to chase you.

The hardest part is getting him to notice you and since you’ve only chit-chatted about little things here and there, you’re basically going to have to start all over. In his head, you’re just that girl he talked to because he missed class that one time. Remember all that stalking knowledge you have about him? This is where it comes in handy. Sit near him in class and let him overhear you talking about some of the things he likes. Talk with a friend about what you think of his favorite bands or about the latest news regarding his favorite sports teams. Guys love it when a girl shares the same taste in music or sports, so if you do it just right, he’ll notice you – trust me.

It may be creepy but do a bit of homework on him. What is the thing that makes him popular? If he’s an athlete, show up to one of his games and then tease him about his performance the next time you see him. If he’s in a band, go to one of his gigs and make sure he sees you dancing in the front row. If he’s a dancer, whip out your ghetto blaster and challenge him to a dance-off (joking). The point is, you need an in on something he enjoys doing. Then, bring it up in conversation. Be confident. If he’s interested, it won’t be long until the conversation turns to you. But don’t just dive in and tell him your life story; withhold some information. If he asks you about what you did on the weekend, tell him the basics and nothing more. Hint that maybe you got into a little bit of trouble when your group of friends did something crazy at a house party. Let him know that there’s something you’re hiding from him. Always leave guys wanting – this drives us crazy.

If you continue to hint that what he knows about you is just the tip of an iceberg, it won’t be long before he needs to know more about you. By doing this, rather than just slyly slipping him your number, you get him to chase you, thus separating you from the other girls he has to choose from. 

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Sean is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in communications and minoring in film studies. Attending NYU in the fall to pursue a Masters in Journalism, Sean enjoys writing about virtually anything. In his time at Pitt, Sean has worked as a DJ for an automotive program on campus and abroad in London.

Sean is originally from Rhode Island, which is far from Pittsburgh, but he is fond of the scenic drive. Sean likes tea instead of coffee, photography, and fire alarm testing (through his cooking). Sean also enjoys playing guitar and piano, skiing, golfing, and practical jokes. You can follow Sean on Twitter at @seanmcfarland1.

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