Careeranista: the woman’s guide to success after college’

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At Her Campus York we have managed to secure a press release for a new ‘womans guide to success after college.’ Girls give your studying a break and grab a coffee to read this. Trust me, we would all be lying if we said we weren’t even so slightly concerned about what life after uni holds for us…also watch this space for a future campus celebrity. We will be quizzing the author so email us any questions and we may put them to Chaz Pitts-Kyser.

“Just 30 minutes of watching the news is enough to make the average woman graduating from college want to crawl beneath the covers. The headlines always seem to come back to the sluggish economy, high rate of unemployment, fierce competition for jobs, and ultimately, just how unlucky young professionals are for having to build a career amid such misfortune.

The bad news? It really is a tough time for recent graduates. The good news? Armed with a new book ‘Careeranista: the woman’s guide to success after college’ young women can gain the knowledge and insight needed to begin crafting rewarding careers despite any obstacles they may face.

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