Breaking news, collegiettes!

The start-up Suited is launching a pop-up shop exclusively for Yale undergraduates starting this Thursday, 9/29. Suited is a women’s fashion start-up that provides a rental solution to all of your workwear needs: all of your future problems of purchasing, finding, planning and cleaning your workwear is solved! Miranda McKay, Maya Rodriguez, and Lexi Henkel are ambassadors for this awesome start-up, which is headed by Laura Pinkham and Kristine Rivera at the Yale School of Management.

The purpose of the pop-up shop is to give Yale undergraduate women a more convenient way to access aspirational brands, variety, and styling help to look great for upcoming recruiting events and interviews.

Suited gives you the option for occasional rental, which allows you to rent professional outfits for 3 days or 1 week, whereas subscriptional rental gives you the amazing offer of 3 professional outfits each month, styled by Suited or by yourself. If you want to find out more about how to sign up and the different possibilities of rental, visit their website at

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