Sorority Rush at Yale


How many sororities are there at Yale, and what are their names?

There are three sororities at Yale: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta.

I’m not 100% sure if I want to rush or not – what are the benefits of being part of Greek Life at Yale?

Most importantly, by joining a sorority at Yale, you get to know many more people on campus, especially upperclassmen. Upperclassmen can be great resources for academic and extracurricular advice, as well as just campus life in general. Also, sororities are nation-wide organizations with chapters all around the country. By joining a sorority, you are not just part of a Yale chapter, but provided with national resources such as networking contacts. Lastly, all sororities are committed to philanthropy projects, and joining Greek Life is a great way to get involved in community service.

What is the time commitment of being in a sorority at Yale?

The basic commitment is a few hours a week. Chapter meetings are weekly and vary in time depending on the sorority. But, sorority life extends beyond formal meetings as members choose to spend time together in informal settings or at mixers.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues are paid each semester and typically cost around $500 for the first pledge semester, and around $300 for each subsequent semester of membership. Membership dues cover the cost of social events and other various aspects of Greek Life. Costs vary between sororities, so be sure to ask during rush events if you have specific questions. Make sure to ask about the payment plans available at each sorority.

If I go through Rush Week and then decide I don’t want to join a sorority, do I have to accept a bid?

Accepting a bid is not mandatory. Rush week is a great way to meet Yale students even if you decide that sorority life is not for you. You can withdraw at any point in the process.

Do Sororities haze during Rush Week?

Sororities do not haze during recruitment, nor do they haze at any point during the new member initiation process. Hazing is against Yale University policy. 

What do I talk about with girls during Rush events?

Rush events are about getting to know potential new members. Girls will usually ask about your hometown, residential college, major, extracurricular activities etc. It is also a good idea to think about questions you have to ask members of the sororities as Rush is also about learning about Greek Life at Yale.

What is Silent Period?

Silent period begins Sunday, January 20th and continues through Rush week until the 27th. Girls involved in Greek Life can no longer talk to potential new members about recruitment or Greek Life in general. This is a national rule, so don’t think you are being ignored by girls in the sorority this week- it is to ensure that the process is fair.

What should I wear during Sorority Rush Week?

Events are semi-formal. I would recommend to dress as though you were going out for a fancy dinner: dark jeans or nice leggings, sweater or cute top, boots etc. Each event gets slightly nicer, so plan accordingly. By the third day, a lot of girls wear skirts or casual dresses. I wouldn’t recommend heels as events can be far away from each other, and heels might be uncomfortable. We would also caution wearing a watch, as checking the time frequently can be distracting from conversations. Lastly, dress warmly as you will be walking outside in the cold between the events.

When are rush events?

Rush events are Wednesday, January 23 (7:30-10:15 pm), Friday, January 25 (7-9:45 pm), and Sunday, January 27 (12 – 2:45pm).

Good luck with Rush and if you have any more questions, check out the Yale Sorority Recruitment Page (, the Yale Panhellenic Council Facebook, or email [email protected]