Paul Soudmand


Name: Paul Soudmand

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Floral Park, NY

Relationship Status: Single


Meet Paul Soudmand, this week’s Campus Cutie! Paul has everything it takes to be a Her Campus Cutie--the brains, the personality, and the looks. An all-around great guy, Paul’s biggest goal in life is to be successful with whatever path he chooses, and of course, to have a loving family of his own. (Heart-felt right there ladies, and that’s right.  He’s single!)


So what does he look for in a girl?  Someone that is stylish, sexy, and smart, with a perfect smile, bright eyes and great taste in music. A girl who wears vans and likes to go to live shows, he says, is his favorite.


But be careful ladies, Paul’s biggest turnoffs in girls are idiocy and being a sloppy mess.


Campus Involvement: Treasurer of Theta Chi, but also enjoys volleyball, paintball, boarding, and of course, fratting hard.


Three words Paul uses to describe himself: Comical, intelligent, and frat.


Favorite part about Greek Life: The sense of community and all the social benefits


Favorite part about WVU: The school spirit of the students and the night life


Celebrity Crushes: Mila Kunis and Krewella


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