My College Bucketlist


For December graduates the real world is only a few weeks away. I know it’s a cliché but college really has gone by so fast. I’ll be graduating in May and then I’ll be a member of the working w

orld. So while I still have time to relax and make the most of my college experience I think it’s a good time to make a bucket list for the rest of my senior year here at West Virginia.

I have done a lot of things while attending school here but there are still so many more experiences to be had. Morgantown is such a great community and town I want to explore everything it has to offer.

So far in my college experience I have run the United Way 4 Mile race across all three campuses, which ended with me running through the tunnel at Milan Puskar Stadium onto the football field. How many people can say that?

After transferring here spring of my sophomore year my new roommate who I was just getting to know, took me to wisp for tubing with her and some of her friends. It helped me get to know her and introduced me to people other than the small group of friends I knew before coming here.

I have also written for HerCampus for three semesters, joined the women’s club lacrosse team, have gone to the farmer’s market, have been on national television for college game day, rushed the court after a basketball game, attended many football games, swam in cheat lake, am a member of PRSSA, am the Public Relations chair for the Sports Management club and have made some really close friends.

However there are still many things I want to do which include

  • Snowboard at Wisp
  • Go Skeet Shooting
  • Run another 5k race
  • Get lifted in the air after a score at the football game
  • Watch the sunset from Coopers rock
  • Go to Blue Hole
  • Have my family come to a game and tailgate together with my friends (which will be happening in December)
  • Go to the last Chicken Tournament for Rugby
  • Go to Maxwell’s for Brunch
  • Visit a Winery

And many more things I just cant think of right now. I think having a bucket list can be beneficial to helping you actually do the things you want to. Getting everything out and written down reminds you that its there and you should get off your butt and do something fun. So why not make one for yourself? It can be for the rest of your college year(s) like mine or even longer, all that is up to you. Get out there and go for it!



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