How to Train Your Man

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Relationships fluctuate over time. In the beginning, there are butterflies and exciting moments that make a girl blush. A "good morning" text, for example, can lead to a great outlook for the rest of the day. Everyone deserves to smile and enjoy their partner’s attention, but what happens when the relationship gets too comfortable? Females need to be in control.

Our positive and reinforcing attitudes are the key to desired male behaviors. It all comes down to altering behaviors with a correct amount of rewards.

 Men can be trained.

 A certain amount of motivation will lead to success. Constantly nagging your man chases him away and creates arguments. There is no reason for a headache, or worse: tears.

According to Amy Sutherland, author of "What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage: Lessons for People from Animals and Their Trainers," men are a lot like dogs.

 Teaching a boyfriend new tricks is just as simple as teaching a dog how to "sit pretty."

 I, personally, do not think that men are like dogs. However, some behavior-training techniques used on canines can be used on almost any guy. So I say, take advantage of the techniques. What do you have to lose?

 How to get your man to help clean up the dishes after slaving away over a hot stove: playfulness.

 Just like an energized puppy, guys like to play. Sit on his lap and tease him about how he ate so much, while rubbing his belly. Continue to flirt with tickling and surprise him with a loving kiss. Finally, tell him that you will finish playing with him later, if he lends a hand with the dishes.

 These little games will entice him to feel required to return the favor.

 The main goal of this exercise is to trick him into feeling like he wants to help, as opposed to demanding it.

 How to teach a boyfriend appropriate behavior when out with friends: ignore and reward.

 If your man thinks it’s hilarious to belch, scratch, interrupt with rude comments and so on, the method to stop these bad behaviors is simple. Think about how an untrained dog loves to sniff crotches. The best way to stop this inappropriate behavior is by ignoring the animal until the sniffing stops. If swatted away, the sniffing will continue with even more of a craving. Once the dog behaves, reward him with loving attention.

 In other words, when a boyfriend acts unacceptable, ignore him. Once he notices that his ‘hilarious’ actions are overlooked, he will alter in a suitable manner. Reward him with a little ‘PDA’. Lean in for a kiss on the cheek or a quick pat on the butt. This will make him feel special.

 It is important to remember that guys, unlike dogs, do not want a master. Nothing will chase a boyfriend away faster than when he feels like you are trying to be his second mother. Even though they may behave like children, we should not treat them like children.

 The most crucial advice that I can give; any longed for attention or appropriateness can be achieved with rewards. Rewards come in all different forms: flirting, favorite foods, extra video game time, sexual favors, and so on.

 And always speak in a calm voice. Dogs hate to be hollered at, and you wouldn’t want your man walking around with his tail between his legs.





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