What NOT to Wear: New Year’s Eve

Regardless of whom you share your midnight kiss with or where the yuletide soiree you attend is held, New Year’s Eve is a night when most fashion rules get thrown out. However, there are certain sartorial guidelines that should be respected while ringing in 2013. Here is what not to wear while toasting your champagne at the stroke of 12:

Casual Wear: NYE is a night to toast the old year and celebrate the beginning of a new calendar of memories and experiences. Do not start it off in tennis shoes, your sorority lettered tee, and a pair of blue jeans. Are you not excited for a new start, a fresh beginning? Make sure your clothes reflect that! Avoid jeans, aerobics clothes, trainers, tees, and leggings on this special night. Live it up!

Light Colors or Summery Clothes: These are discouraged for a few reasons. First of all, it is December/January. It will be cold. Nothing is worse than a starting the new year freezing. Second, these clothes often look too casual to be appropriate for the festive nature of the occasion. And lastly, if someone spills their bubbly on your dress at any point during the evening, you will be left unhappy, wet, and wearing a sheer dress. Wear darker fabrics to avoid showing any accidents, bloating, or sweat that might happen upon the way.

Uncomfortable Shoes or Clothes: Chances are you will be up for several hours celebrating the event, either by mingling with a cocktail in hand or dancing the night away before the ball drops in Times Square. Be sure that you aim for class, sparkle, and glamour, but do not sacrifice comfort. You will be in your dress and heels for a long time, so wear shapes you are familiar with and know work for your body. Not into wearing a dress? Totally fine! Wear fun separates, like brocaded pants and a shirt that shows a dash of skin or a sparkly skirt and bejeweled tank with a faux fur vest. When in doubt, wear your go-to LBD and accessorize! Make sure your heel has a platform or go for the even more comfortable bootie or wedged heel.

Anything Boring! On a night of glitz, do not be the one in the room wearing clothes your mommy picked out. Step it up a little! If you are not into donning an all-over sequins minidress, try wearing just a skirt, shirt, or pair of shoes with shine. Other fun ways to add a small dose of Ke$ha (my spirit animal) are through accessories and beauty products. Try adding a little sparkle with glittery hairspray, some fun earrings, bedazzled tights, or a metal cuff. My personal favorite way is by adding some shimmery liquid liner (I love the Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara from Sephora Collection, $13.50). Your sequins and glimmer will shine bright like a diamond in the fireworks.

Happy New Year and have a wonderful beginning to your 2013!

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