Look Hot When It's Cold

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1. Infinity or circle scarves. They’re super easy to wear, comfortable, and come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Scarves made of lighter material are perfect for a fall day, while those that are as thick as sweaters are great for the dead of winter. Urban Outfitters and Madewell have a wide variety of circle scarves online. Or check out this one, from Free People. 

2. Fingerless gloves. Okay, we all know fingerless gloves do absolutely nothing when it’s 30 degrees and snowing, but for these chilly fall days, they are the perfect choice. They’re a fun accessory and come in lots of different varieties, including designs that can also be worn as mittens. You can also keep your hands warm while still being able to text! For inspiration, look to this pair from Urban Outfitters or these ones from Madewell! 

3. Ear warmers. Don’t worry, I’m talking about ear warmers NOT those goofy earmuffs your mom used to make you wear in middle school… They keep your head just as warm as a hat but they never give you hat hair! American Apparel thinks these earwarmers look great with a backless white leotard. 

4. Snow boots (e.g. Sorel). Although we all love our leather fall boots that go with every outfit, they aren’t very warm nor are they snow and waterproof. Furry snow boots, such as Sorel boots, are extremely warm, and have textured bottoms that prevent slipping, even when the entire campus is covered in a layer of ice. The short and high Tivoli™ boot and the Conquest short boot are my personal favorites. The Conquest and Slimpack boots also have a little bit of a heel so instead of trekking through the snow, you can strut. Tory Burch and other designers also make boots similar to these.

5. High socks. If it’s not slippery, snowy, or rainy, but it’s still pretty cold, wearing high socks not only keep you warm, but they also add to your look. Italian Vogue has dubbed knee-high socks as a trend this season, so you’re basically a European fashionista if you rock them with your boots or booties, even if you’re here in the US. Now if only we could also buy a pair of Blake Lively's legs...

6. Open back/open shoulder sweaters. Although having a partially open back or exposed shoulders can seem far from ideal for a cold winter day, they are actually perfect for when you enter the classroom after walking outside for 15 minutes and you start sweating profusely.  Cutouts also add an extra flare to an ordinary sweater and they can be worn casually or can be dressed up with a pair of heeled booties.




Image courtesy of Free People

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