How NOT to Overeat This Thanksgiving


1. Chill out with the appetizers.  I don’t know about you, but I always fill up on hummus and spiced pecans and other appetizers before the meal even starts.  I tend to have more room for dinner when I snack less prior to the actual meal.

2. Small portions. Instead of filling your plate with a fat piece of turkey and huge mounds of mashed potatoes and stuffing, try little bits of everything.  That way, you won’t fill up on just three or four things. AND you’ll have room for pie!

3. Less liquids. The more liquid you drink, the more the food will expand.  If you’re taking a sip of water after every bite, chances are you’ll feel bloated faster than if you drink less.

4. Don’t listen to your eyes, listen to your stomach. Thanksgiving is a prime example of our eyes being bigger than our stomachs. If we take smaller amounts of food knowing we can always get more, we are less likely to fill our plate to its full capacity and lick it clean, because we don’t want to waste that precious home cooking…

5. Don’t wear your eating pants. As much as you may think loose, comfortable sweatpants may be the move for feasting at Thanksgiving, if you wear regular pants, (yes, that includes a button and a zipper), then you may not feel as tempted to stuff yourself to the point of a food baby.

6. Save room for dessert. Personally, whenever I aim to save enough room in my stomach for dessert, I tend not to overeat during dinner. Even if you do end up stuffed at the end of the night, at least you paced yourself for a big slice of pie (or two).

Whether you end up perfectly satisfied, a bit overfull, or lying on the couch in the fetal position, spend this Thanksgiving break appreciating your friends and family, because although turkey and cranberry sauce may tend to steal the spotlight, being thankful is what this holiday is all about.

Sydney Davis is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Film & Media Studies and minoring in Writing. She loves running, exploring new cities, fashion, boating, and most importantly, Whole Foods. 

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