So… Your Parents Have Come to Visit

Don’t get me wrong, I love when my parents come to visit, but it can be hard to balance visiting parents with an already tight schedule, plus spending time with friends. I have a couple of things I love to do with my parents when they come to town, that can also include friends, so everyone has a good time!

  1. Go out to eat.

For me, this goes without saying since there is no way my parents would want to have a sit down meal at the pit. Plus, who would pass up free food? Some of my favorite places to take my parents are Mizu, Five Points, Bagel Station, and of course, the Porch. If your parents are feeling generous, you can even bring some friends along!


2. Show them around campus.

Since Wake is your home, show it off! My parents had not seen Wake since they dropped me off on the first day of school, so it is cool to show them where you live! I personally take my parents to all the places I spend time on campus, so they get a sense of what my life is like here. My dad is also notorious for making friends along the way, especially at Campus Grounds.

3. Go shopping.

I love being spoiled by my parents when they come to town. I especially love going to Monkee’s of the Village with my mom to pick out some new clothes. As a college kid, I don’t get to do much shopping, so when my mom comes to town, I make up for what I have missed out on the rest of the year.

4. Show them the Reynolda House.

I love showing my parents around Reynolda Village, and after an afternoon of shopping, it is nice to stop by the museum. Even if you haven’t been, it is definitely a relaxing way to spend time with your parents. You can stay for 30 minutes, or three hours, but either way, it is a go to for visiting parents.

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Hi guys! My name is Lilly Sheppard and I am a freshman here at Wake Forest. I hope to major in Psychology or Health and Exercise Sciences. I love being outdoors, hanging out with friends and drinking coffee. When I am not studying you can catch me napping on Davis Field, or at Bagel Station.

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