So You Survived Spring Break

Everyone loves spring break, and I mean how could you not? Most people are on a beach, enjoying a week without classes and the worries of school work. But what happens when everyone returns from the break, and gets hit with reality?

1.) Returning back to your room… and it is a mess. I am the absolute worst about this, but I like to think everyone does it. We will leave our rooms looking like a bomb went off, and when we return we forget that we left our room in such disarray. It goes without saying, but maybe next time pick up a little bit so you don’t return to a pile of dirty clothes, and an unmade bed.

2.) Realizing how much work you actually have to do... While it is completely unfair that teachers give us so much work over break, we do have an entire week to do it, and yet we don’t. There is nothing worse than getting back to campus, and having to pull an all-nighter in the ZSR because you procrastinated over break.

3.) Realizing you aren’t in tropical weather anymore… Spring break is just a giant tease. Summer is still many weeks away, and spring break just makes us all feel like summer is right around the corner. Plus, returning to the freezing temperatures of Winston-Salem reminds us all that summer is still far away. I guess it isn’t time to bust out the jean shorts and sandals just yet…

*Article by Lilly Sheppard

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