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Over the past few weeks, women have taken a stand and been leaders about a variety of issues. To help women grow their leadership skills, the Women’s Center is hosting the Women’s Leadership Symposium on Friday, March 24. This event is open to both men and women and will be a day filled with keynote speakers and workshops.


President Hatch speaking with participants.

1. What is the Women's Leadership Symposium?

The Women's Leadership Symposium (WLS) is an afternoon of skill-building workshops, interactive panels, and a keynote luncheon address that explore some of the challenges and opportunities of women in leadership.

"Creating Mentoring Moments" Workshop Participants


2. What will happen during the Women's Leadership Symposium?

There is a pre-symposium session on women in politics at 10am in Pugh where participants will enjoy a keynote by Tycely Williams, inspirational speaker who graduated from Wake in ’97, at lunch in Benson 401. Then there will be several workshops and panels during the afternoon, which students can select based off their interests in topics such as creativity at work, taking risks, and networking. 


Check out this link to see the most up-to-date schedule and additional information!


3. When was the first Symposium? Why was the Symposium started?

We started WLS to enhance the sense of support on campus for women in leadership, to build participants’ confidence in their leadership, and to deepen awareness of their own and others’ leadership styles. WLS launched in 2013 as part of a slate of new leadership program offerings from the Dean of Students office that coincided with the arrival of the Women’s Center on campus. Since then, WLS has become one of the strongest collaborations between the Women’s Center and Student Engagement.

Keynote Speaker Jessica Jackson Shortall ‘00.


4. Can you tell me about the partnership with WAKE Women’s Weekend? Why did you partner with them?

We chose to host WLS on March 24 because the WAKEWomen’s Weekend kicks off that afternoon. At the end of WLS, we will host a networking hour with alumnae who are here for the weekend for students who attended WLS. This provides a unique experience for students to hear from and connect with alumnae. 


5. What do you hope for attendees to get out of this experience?

We hope that they have gained new insight on women in leadership roles as well as having gained leadership skills they can use on campus and beyond. We also hope this weekend helps women to connect to other women leaders on campus as well as alumnae.

“What’s Your Leadership Style?” Workshop Participants.


6. Who can attend the event? What is the cost?

The Symposium is open to Wake Forest University students, alumnae, staff, and faculty of all genders. There is no cost to attend.


Photos courtesy of Aileen Alge and Lauren Olinger, Red Cardinal Studios


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