Prepping for Summer Move Out

It is time to start thinking about packing for the summer! I know you probably think you only have half a room or a small space to pack up, but trust me when I say half a room can take up to 3 or more hours to complete. As someone who has experienced packing up a room four years in a row, I want to share what little knowledge I have to make sure your experience is 10 times less stressful and goes a lot smoother than mine did.


1. Go to Target now and purchase 2-3 storage bins, everything else should fit in the luggage you plan on bringing home. Use the bins for bedding and clothes you want to leave behind along with any school supplies you will not need this summer.

2. If you did not have the chance to bring home your summer and fall clothes during winter break, begin packing now. I swear it will cut your packing time down by an hour.

3. Throw away all unnecessary papers. No, you do not need them because trust me you won’t be referencing them later in your college career.

4. DO NOT BUY ANY MORE FOOD!! Use up the rest of your food dollars and old golds and be sure to finish whatever is left in your room so nothing goes to waste.

5. When the last two weeks of school come around, pack up everything except for your finals week outfits; you do not need an entire wardrobe.

Follow this and you’ll be out of the dorms before you can finish saying goodbye.

I wish you all the best of luck with the final four weeks of school! You got this, and I cannot wait to see you all on the honor roll!


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