One Year Down, Three To Go

Congratulations freshmen! Our first year of college is coming to a close, truly a bitter-sweet moment. I have to say, my freshman year did not go as expected. It’s safe to assume many of you feel the same. I have learned to accept how spontaneous and fast-paced the college life really is, and I have definitely grown to love it.  

As a rising sophomore, I know I have three more years of school before I can walk across that stage. Three whole years! That’s a lot of time, one might think. Wrong! I feel as if this school year flew by and any other first-year will tell you the same thing. In speaking with a few senior students, I have learned just how quickly the college years go by.  “Before you know it, college is over, and you’re on your own.” I constantly hear that statement and many versions of it from outgoing students, and I have to say, it makes me want to savor every moment of my experience here at Wake Forest.

As freshmen, we have taken a lot of what our school offers for granted. We often look past opportunities, thinking we can always come back to them. “I’ll run for that next year,” or “I can apply next semester,” we often say to ourselves. My take on things: you can wait, but why would you? We won’t be on this campus forever. Now is the time to go after what you want. Waiting only results in less experience or not getting the opportunity at all. Yes, I have three more years, but I choose to interact with this campus as if I was to leave school tomorrow. I suggest you do the same. Try new things, don’t hold off because you think time is on your side. Don’t have your college experience just past you by. Pack as much as you can into the time you have left on campus and make your experience one worth remembering.


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Lauren is a Journalism major studying at Penn State Berks for the first two years of college, then at Temple University the remaining two. She's a native of Lancaster, Pa and hopes to live in New York City after graduating. In the future, she plans to incorporate a minor of Music Technology and gear her career toward music journalism. She enjoys writing lyrics and poetry in her spare time, and works at Victoria's Secret PINK.

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