Meet our Newly Elected SG President: Spencer Schiller

Name: Spencer Schiller

Year: Junior

Major: Politics and International Affairs

Her Campus (HC): Congrats on being elected President! What was the election experience like?

Spencer Schiller (SS): The election experience was long, exciting and tiring.  I enjoyed talking to all sorts of new faces around campus, spreading the word about my platform and bonding with my campaign team.  However, I was less enthusiastic about the long nights, early mornings, and difficulties of keeping up with schoolwork.


HC: What inspired you to get involved in student government?

SS: The friendships and great mentors I have had since high school! SG is filled with so many passionate and driven individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with.

HC: What was the platform on which you ran?

SS: My platform ran on Traditions (old ones like Wake’s sports culture, and new ones like ensuring social spaces on Wake Downtown’s campus), Wellness, and Diversity and Inclusion.


HC: What are you hoping to achieve as President?

SS: As President, I am hoping to achieve all the initiatives on my platform, but also to inspire and lead younger members of the organization to show that Wake can be changed with a good idea and a strong mindset.

HC: What are some of the accomplishments and successes you have had so far as a member of student government?

SS: As the Co-chair of the Campus Life Committee, my Co-chair and I created Wake’s first ever mental health week.  That was a fantastic opportunity.  Other successes included creating a film series for local businesses my freshman year, passing a recent resolution about the Eudaimonia institute and appointing individuals to BIA and HEC has been rewarding and successful!


HC: What organizations are you involved with on campus?

SS: I have been the co-chair of Entertainment of Wake N’ Shake for the past two years, I am a student chair on the Committee on Academic Planning, a President’s Aide and a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  

HC: What is your most listened to song on your Spotify/iTunes playlist?

SS: "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers


HC: What are you looking forward to this summer?

SS: I am looking forward to being done with studying for the LSAT after I take them in June and September!


Photos courtesy of: Spencer Schiller

Hailing from Chicago, this Midwesterner turned Southern Belle is the Editor-in-Chief of Wake Forest University's chapter. When she isn't journaling for fun in her free time, she is obsessed with running around campus in giant sunglasses, wearing gold glitter eyeliner, and munching on trail mix. She's still struggling on saying "y'all" and not "guys" and has yet to try Cookout's legendary milkshakes. Follow her on twitter @Hmonyek!

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