Fashion in the Forest: How to wear hats and look fabulous


Let’s face it collegiettes, hats are hard to pull off whether you are wearing them for warmth or to make your outfit more boho chic. Either way, here are a couple ideas on how to look fabulous with your hat collection.

Tip 1 – Fun and neutral: Sometimes the hat you choose doesn’t have to be a statement piece. Find a good neutral-colored one that you can throw on with any outfit to keep you warm. It doesn’t have to be an outstanding fashion piece, but wearing a hat will still mix up your wardrobe and make you look super fashionable this fall and winter.

Tip 2 – Pop of color: If your main goal for wearing a hat is to keep warm, don’t be afraid to get creative. One way to show your creativity is to pick a really bold color. With a fun, neon color you can be warm and show stopping. Don’t be discouraged with trying to match your hat with your outfit. If you are concerned, you can either match your hat with your other accessories or wear all neutrals, making your hat your statement piece.

Tip 3 – Floppy: A hat can be a great way to channel your inner Nicole Richie and pull out all of the indie boho stops. Throw on a maxi dress and top it off with a big floppy hat. It is easier to stick to dark monochromatic colors because then the focus is on the hat and the rest of your outfit is sleek and clean lined elegance! For this look especially, check out the Pinterest page for lots of different ideas!

Tip 4 – Take me out to the ball game: Baseball caps are in right now. If you haven’t already seen J.Crew’s October and November Style Guides, go check them out and you will see a plethora of stylish baseball caps paired with bejeweled skirts, sweaters, and dresses. Throw on a baseball cap and let your inner tomboy shine. 

Finding the right hat is only hard if you make it hard. Like I always say, don’t over think it or be afraid to let your personality shine. Also, don’t forget to check out the Fashion in the Forest Pinterest page or email me with ideas, comments, and suggestions at [email protected].


Hello all! My name is Taylor and I am a junior here at Wake. I am so excited about writing for Her Campus again this semester and check out my Fashion in the Forest blog posts every other week. Also check out the Fashion in the Forest Pinterest page or email me at [email protected]!