Fashion in the Forest: How to Mix Patterns


Mixing patterns is a huge trend right now, but sometimes we may not have the confience that we are doing it right. Before you get the hang of it, you may feel like a hooligan who got ready without the lights on. Well fear not, collegiettes, I am here to help you tackle this trend by giving you tips that will have you look and feel good. 

Tip 1: Remember that you aren’t Olivia Palermo and no one expects you to be. You don’t have to start with floral and cheetah print, like she so eloquently does. Mixing patterns is a gradual process and you should start on the more conservative side before working up to a fierce cheetah print or floral.   

Tip 2: Start with neutral-colored patterns. This guarantees that your colors won’t clash. Like in the outfit shown above, the colors are similar, but the jacket has more white, while the top has more navy. The slight difference prevents you from looking washed out. 

Tip 3: Once you feel comfortable rocking neutral colors, the next step is to try colorful patterns. The key is to make sure your colors match, although the patters may not. Keep in mind that stripes and polka dots as well as stripes and florals are good go-to patterns. Both are acceptable pairs that aren’t too over the top. The outfit in the picture above works well due to the blue from the stripes complimenting the colors in the pants.

Tip 4: Once you feel comfortable with the tips above, it's time be brave! Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment. Everything you try doesn’t have to work, but try to break out of your style comfort zone so you don’t get stuck in a niche. As you practice, coming up with ideas and seeing how things could work together will get easier. This is a gradual process so don’t expect to be awesome at initially mixing patterns. Give yourself a chance and remember that if you are comfortable and like your outfit, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

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