The Ten Stages of a Relationship in 140 Characters or Less


We all know college dating isn't the easiest thing in the world. And sure, every relationship is different. We've already done a post regarding just how much the internet understands your lifestyle when you're under stress. Interestingly enough, it definitely understands your love life as well. Particularly Twitter. 


Say you’re at a party or a bar, because let’s be honest. And you’re looking your best, but you don’t forget the number one rule, which is:

So even though the expression on your face is saying “I am a Grade-A Class Act,” you want to confuse men because you’re a girl and that’s what girls do. So your outfit is really saying:  

Meanwhile, he’s over with his friends at the keg, pretty much thinking:


You both make very casual eye contact, and eventually you end up talking to each other over the noise and intoxication. It’s pretty late, and you spot the few girls who are getting a little sloppy. But then he says:

And you’re thinking about how nice of a deviation from the norm that is for a college guy.

You continue to hang out, flirt, talk, dance, and as the night goes on:


Samantha Galasso is from Wilton, CT and is the founder of both the Providence College and Villanova University chapters at HC. In her spare time, she enjoys napping, sarcastic commentary, inappropriate jokes, hanging out with her fellow Pi Phi sisters, "Friends" marathons, and general activities being ”liked” by the mass majority of people on Facebook. Her goals in life include writing the next great American novel and making the Billionaire Obituary in Forbes.