How I Quickly Reorganized My Closet

If you read my moving into my new apartment article, you would know that I absolutely loved decorating my new room. Although, one part of my room that never really felt right was my closet.

It’s a pretty small and quite awkward closet. There are two bars to hang my clothes on, but unfortunately the higher one is a little too high for me to reach. There are also two shelves above each bar, but again, the higher one is also too high for me to reach (even on my tip-toes).

The other day I was feeling inspired and wanted to make my closet a little more functional. So, here is how I organized my closet in about 20 minutes:

As you can see above, my closet was half empty and very bland. Nothing is special about this closet, and it also wasn't very functional. The reason this closet looked so bland was because I could not put anything higher than the first shelf, because of my inability to actually reach anything past there. This was something I wanted to change.

I also was keeping all of my shoes on the ground, underneath my clothes hanging on the bottom shelf. This made it very hard for me to see any of the shoes that were down there. This was also something I wanted to change about my closet.

To begin my closet transformation, I began by taking almost everything out. This was not that hard, considering I did not have that much in there to begin with, but for other closets that may be jam packed with clothes, this could take some serious time commitment. I recommend keeping the clothes on the hangers and simply setting the stack of clothes somewhere for the time being, like your bed.

Once my closet was cleaned out, I put in a white cubicle. I had this storage cubical in my room but felt like it was taking up too much of my precious floor space. I measured my closet and then the cubicle to make sure it would fit before I tried to squeeze it into my closet. Fortunately, the cubicle fit really well  in my closet and gave me tons of extra storage.

Next, I put some of my nicer shoes on top of the cubicle to keep them off the floor and out of the way. I folded some less-worn jeans/skirts and put those in the top right corner. I had extra baskets that fit the cubicle and put some extra room supplies, beauty stuff and my many bags of trail mix, in the three different baskets. I also put some of my purses in the bottom middle and extra blankets in the top left corner cubbies.

This method gave me so much more storage than I had before and really opened up my closet space. I no longer had random shoes lying on the ground and had a beautiful display of them that I could actually reach!

Organizing my closet took me no time at all and ended up turning out better than I had anticipated. You can organize your closet, too, with just one or two tweaks to give you plenty more storage The cubicle I used is from Target and was purchased for about $30-40. Give your closet a much needed makeover! 

all photos taken by author

Meagan is a Sophomore pre-nursing major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She enjoys all things natural beauty and sustainability. She was born and raised in Northern Virginia where she lived with her Mom, Dad, and older brother who attends Virginia Tech.

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