Lisa Padan: President of Criminal Justice Student Association

Major: Dual major in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Hometown: Titusville, FL

Classification: Senior

Lisa and her two brothers.

Her Campus UWF: What is the Criminal Justice Student Association?

Lisa Padan: CJSA is an organization that gives students an opportunity to network with professionals in the field. At monthly meetings, I invite prominent people in the field of Criminal Justice to come speak to the club. We also hold an annual career fair and go on field trips. This helps students better understand the Criminal Justice system and what careers are available to them upon graduation.

HC: How did you get involved in CJSA?

LP: Many of my friends were in CJSA so I decided to join.

HC: Why is CJSA important for students at UWF?

LP: The networking is useful for students to meet people in the career field they want to pursue. Also, we have a handful of students who are not CJ majors, and the club helps them better understand the CJ system.

HC: How can students get involved?

LP: We have a Facebook page, UWF Criminal Justice Student Association that anyone can join and anyone is welcome to come to our monthly meetings. The dates for next semester will be posted on our Facebook page at the start of next semester

HC: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

LP: I enjoy going to Disney with my family and watching the Philadelphia Eagles.

HC: What do you want to do after college?

LP: I plan on attending law school, with specific interest in Criminal Defense.

HC: What is the best advice you can give to other students?

LP: Utilize your professors, they are always there to help you. Also, join clubs and get involved on campus.

All photos provided by Lisa Padan

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