Steven Espinosa '14

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If anyone’s looking for a laid back guy to hang out with around campus, look no further. He may sound like your regular sports-loving guy (Lakers clearly being his fave team after the Jazz of course), but there’s a lot more to Steven Espinosa. A junior at the U, Steven’s majoring in computer engineering and hails from Ventura, California. He loves to play soccer and basketball as well as the acoustic guitar. His favorite food is Mexican because of its rich flavors, and his favorite things to do in the winter include snowball fights, sledding and celebrating his birthday. One thing Steven loves most about the U is its beautiful campus and how mellow the people are. Steven’s clearly a catch and has spent the last two years participating in the U’s Bailamos event, polishing up his Latin dancing abilities. And when asked how he would spend his last seven days on earth if he were told he had a week to live, his answer? “I can think of many things I could do, but I would spend those last moments with the ones I love, my family”.

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