Emily Landon, Music Enthusiast


Do you have a major that never gets boring? Are you studying something you’re so passionate about, you love each learning and challenging moment? Well, if not, you can take a tip from Emily Landon, and see what it’s like to be so passionate about your studies, you welcome homework and early-morning classes!

Emily is a sophomore in music education with a choral emphasis. She started her music career when she was in fourth grade and began playing the flute. She has since picked up the piccolo and piano as well, and is very enthusiastic about her voice experience.

Her experiences in music include playing in the Utah Youth Symphony and several groups from her high school and singing in the Utah a cappella Choir and the University of Utah Chamber Choir. The highlight of her career and most memorable moment so far was when she played the flute with the Utah Symphony for one concert.

She was young when she first picked up the flute, but she loved it at first note. “I craved to learn as I progressed to a major scale, a simple song like “Hot Cross Buns,” to my first Bach Sonata,” Emily said. The foundation for her college a future career started when she was in elementary school!

Emily has continued to study and practice music because she has simply been doing so her whole life. It’s when she’s most fulfilled, what she focuses her life around and something that’s integrated into everything she does. “I’m happiest when I’m playing or singing,” she said. “The thought of not having music in my life is a travesty.”

Following graduation, Emily plans to teach private flute and voice lessons out of her home. She will also seek employment in an elementary or junior high school, where she hopes to teach choir and possibly band. Achieving her dreams will really bring her passion for music and college education full circle.

Jetta is a fun and spunky communication student at the University of Utah. She has a lot of energy and an outgoing personality- perfect for her work in service coordination, peer advising, the Department of Communication, Express, and of course HerCampus! Jetta loves social media, writing, and learning new promotion and advertising skills. She does not currently drive a Jetta, but hopefully she can afford one upon completion of her degree!

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