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Posted Nov 13 2012 - 5:27pm
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Calling all lovers of a good challenge or competition!  A brand new site,, will be coming to USC within the near future to bring college students an exciting new way to get involved.  Founded last year by Brandon Caruana, TopThat gives students the opportunity to participate, create and judge a variety of competitions by uploading their best images and videos that feature themselves or others taking on crazy stunts or performances.  Competition categories range anywhere from Arts & Entertainment to Technology to good ol' Sports.  That means anything from Best School Pride to Funniest Prank are valid competitions to be created or involved in.  The site also gives individuals the chance to promote themselves and their entries and to give positive or negative feedback on the videos of others.

Starting at the beginning of next year, TopThat will also be implementing a new "karma" system which will allow users to monetize their competitions!  The higher points one receives, the more likely she or he will make some money off of their challenges.

Stay tuned for more information on the site, including a near campus event (with free lunch!), and an interview with the site's founder!

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