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Karen Dang: An Amazing Ann Taylor Ambassador

Posted Oct 29 2012 - 12:00pm

Ever been curious as to how to become a brand ambassador at USC?  You're in luck!  We snagged a brief interview with one of the two USC Ann Taylor brand ambassadors, senior Business Administration major Karen Dang.  Keep reading for details on how she got her position and why she's this week's campus celebrity!

Her Campus USC: How did you get involved with the Ann Taylor Ambassador program?
Karen Dang: I was referred by a former USC campus ambassador for Blackberry, who worked with the same PR firm that I am working with now for Ann Taylor.

HC USC: Are you involved with any other extracurriculars here at USC or outside of USC?
KD: I am the Internal Vice President of USC Vietnamese Student Association, and I was a dancer on USC Chaotic 3 Hip Hop up until this semester.

HC USC: What are some of your aspirations?
KD: I hope to find a job that I truly enjoy and excel in, and I want to be able to fully support myself within a 2-4 years of graduating. In terms of industry, my efforts are currently geared toward the recruiting industry and the corporate side of fashion. We'll see where I wind up in a year's time!

HC USC: Any advice for those who are looking to get involved with ambassador programs or other organizations here at USC?
KD: The positions are definitely out there just waiting for outgoing, energetic students to take them up. From energy drinks to fashion labels, every company wants to get its brand out to USC students. Find a brand that you truly believe in and go for it. If you aren't sure which brand you're looking to represent, but you know that you'd love to be an ambassador, look up PR firms that focus on college campuses and find out which brands they want to bring to USC.  

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