5 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20: USC Edition


In case you couldn’t tell from the seasonal drinks menus at every coffee shop on campus, the flurry of Christmas-themed parties, proliferation of ugly holiday sweaters, or the extravagant lighting on the Row (enough to illuminate a small African nation), holiday season is here and in full swing. 
Of course, it’s also almost Finals Week— which means more stress, and little time to ponder the complexities of holiday gift-giving. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or a jolly combination of all three, you’re most likely going to need to find some presents. Therefore, we at Her Campus USC have decided to make life a little bit easier for you by compiling a short but sweet list of holiday gift ideas all under $20. All of these can be acquired on or around the USC campus, so there’s not the added stress of having to drive far or wait on items to ship. Enjoy!
It’s as simple as running over to the Bookstore and picking up a “USC Mom” or “USC Dad” coffee mug for $6.95 or a wavy translucent thermos with the same print for $17.95. Think about how much your parents will enjoy the sentiment as they sip their tea/coffee/water. Surely, they will think to themselves that the hefty tuition cost is worth it if their adoring child brings them presents such as these…
Whether it’s a “USC” shot glass (from either the CVS under Gateway or the Bookstore) or a shot glass with Greek letters on it (from Greek Escape), this small gift will be easy to acquire. To take it a step further, fill the shot glass with candy or chocolate.
3. Ugly Holiday Socks
The Fashion District is just minutes from campus, and there you can find a mecca of mass-produced ugly printed socks. If you don’t feel like making the journey to Fashion District, you can always try the Dollar Dollar store at the University Village, which is not only fully equipped with impressively hideous socks but also a wide array of unflattering spandex and undergarments. The opportunities are endless. 
4. Stuffed Animals
Something else that can be picked up at the USC Bookstore- you’ve got your pick of sock monkeys, teddy bears, and Traveler the Horse plush animals. You could also visit Dollar Dollar, which has stuffed animals ranging from Hello Kitty to giant teddy bears the size of a pre-pubescent child. 
5. Food Gift Card
If you’re feeling unoriginal, a Starbucks/Coffee Bean/any restaurant gift card will suffice. It might not reflect too much sentiment, but it is convenient and won’t be a hassle to attain. 

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