Kati Fisher


Name: Kati Fisher

Year: Freshman

Major: ISC

Minor: History

What is your position at Smart Girls? I am the University of Kentucky Smart Girls Campus Representative. I heard about Smart Girls on a blog that I follow. There was a link talking about the positive impact Emily Raleigh, the founder, was making because she formed an online community called The Smart Girls Group. After reading their mission, I knew it was something I had to be involved in. As someone who believes that women can do everything men can, and wanting women to break the stereotype of a woman, the mission spoke to me.

How did you get the position of UK’s representative? I applied for this position after contacting Emily and asking how I could help, how I could become a Smart Girl. She told me that she was launching a new program specifically for college girls where one girl would represent their university by writing a blog, creating a twitter, and trying to get the word out about Smart Girls.

Many people don’t know about the group; how would you describe Smart Girls? The mission of Smart Girls to inspire girls to embrace their smarts, and not be afraid to shine. We aim to help girls become more educated in topics ranging from politics, to health, to fashion. The well rounded girl is something we want our followers to aspire to be. In return, we ask that our followers share their smarts around the world and give back to their communities. We publish an online magazine once a month, along with specific university blogs. The Smart Girls Group started when Emily, a native of New Jersey, sat down to write her little sister a survival guide to high school and growing up. She got to thinking that more girls should try to be the best versions of themselves so on January 1, 2012, Emily created the Smart Girls Group.

What are your responsibilities as the campus representative? As the Campus Rep for UK, I am responsible for publishing articles on my blog about the university to teach female students about everything there is to know at UK and in Lexington. I use my twitter page created for Smart Girls to tweet inspirational quotes and reminders to my lovely UK followers.

What are the positive aspects of your job as UK’s representative? The best part about being a member of the Smart Girls Group is knowing I am helping to further the minds of young women and inspire them to be smart and share their smarts with the world. It is very rewarding.

What are some difficulties you face as UK’s representative? The most difficult part is maintaining everything. Publishing posts on a blog, tweeting and maintaining a focus in school can be challenging but it is completely worth it.

How can girls get involved with Smart Girls on UK’s campus? Girls can involved by contacting me, or Emily. Our website is www.thesmartgirlsgroup.com or http://universityofkentucky.thesmartgirlsgroup.com/. We are looking for smart girls wanting to share their smarts! It doesn't matter what you're good at, if you think it's worth sharing, then it is!

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About The Author

Rachael Gilley is in her junior year at the University of Kentucky, majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. Although she was born and raised in northwestern Ohio, she has spent the past seven years in Kentucky and is a Wildcat fan at heart. She hopes to travel the world for at least a few months before settling into a high school level teaching position upon graduating in 2014. Rachael is an avid book-reader, loves finding new music to blast in her car, and spending her Sunday afternoons learning more about yoga.