One Greek Store: One Big Selection

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Situated on West University Avenue, One Greek Store is a semi-recent addition and a successful one at that. Originally founded as a website in 2006 by three UF students, the store caters to the vast Greek community in Gainesville.
“It is our intention to have products available for every Greek-lettered organization in the country,” said Dennis Ngin, one of the three owners and founders of One Greek Store.
With over 300 fraternities and sororities listed on its site, One Greek Store lives up to expectations. Though the store’s top sellers are t-shirts, hoodies and line jackets, a variety of other items are also available for purchase, including all kinds of apparel, gifts and paddles.

“We use state of the art equipment that allows us to manufacture extremely custom items with fast turnaround times, at the highest quality possible,” Ngin said.
At One Greek Store a great deal of emphasis is placed on keeping customer’s costs low.
“Our streamlined manufacturing process has allowed us to aggressively minimize cost - which in turn allows us to competitively price our products,” Ngin said.
This sound business philosophy could be a result of One Greek Store’s humble beginnings. When the website launched in Aug. 2006, the founders were producing merchandise from their apartment’s living room. After two years of success, One Greek Store was finally able to relocate to the retail store where it sits today, 1113 W. University Ave.
The store is not strictly Greek. According to Ngin, they have also done embroidery and screen printing projects for local businesses and student organizations.

“Also, our employees are a mix of Greek and non-Greek members,” Ngin said.
With items such as key chains, blank paddles, tikis, pins, and a wide selection of both Panhellenic and multicultural Greek organizations, One Greek Store has got you covered.
For more information or to place an online order visit what Ngin likes to call “the most comprehensive fraternity and sorority website available,”