The Sunny Side Up – Sophomore Brings Sunshine through Blogging

It’s been a downer day. Maybe midterms are stressing you out, or the winter weather has got you feeling blue. You’re in need of a serious pick me up. Lucky for you, sophomore Lauren Cook has just the thing to brighten your day! Her blog, The Sunny Side Up, is a site focused purely on happiness and helping you and others get to that point. A psychology and communications major, Cook is determined to bring sunshine into the lives of just about anyone who crosses her path. Her blog features daily posts with tips on how to brighten your day, Sunny Stars – individuals who are spreading happiness in their own unique ways, an optimistic take on a bucket list called the Sunny Set, and so much more. Next time you’re feeling down or simply just have a free moment to spare, check out her blog at

Her Campus: Can you please tell us about your blog, The Sunny Side Up?
Lauren Cook:We all need a little more happiness in our lives. That’s why I started my blog, The Sunny Side Up, because I wanted to help people, especially young adults, increase and appreciate happiness in their day-to-day routines. I often hear people wish away their time with comments like, “I can’t wait for this weekend,” “I can’t wait for finals to be over,” or “I can’t wait to graduate.” But, all of this impatience prevents us from enjoying the present moment. I think it’s so important that we are thankful for each day, no matter how hard or how great it may be, and that we try to find happiness with every opportunity. That is exactly what The Sunny Side Up is all about; being grateful for the both the big and the little joys of life that make us happy and passing on that happiness to others.
HC: When did you first get the idea to start a blog?
LC:With so much emphasis on the Internet (I won’t pretend that I don’t love Facebook), I knew that a blog would be the perfect synthesis for sharing my personal thoughts along with the thoughts of countless other young adults in an expansive way. The blog is a quick and easy method for getting your daily dose of happiness in for the day, whether it is from an interview with a Sunny Star, who is a young adult that has achieved something great or has overcome a challenge that I interview, or if it’s from a quick YouTube video that brings a smile to your face. No matter what, I try to make sure that every day offers a new post that is encouraging, challenging, and contemplative on how we can lead happier lives and be happier people.

HC: What is the main idea behind The Sunny Side Up?
LC:The main idea behind The Sunny Side Up is to study the art of happiness, why, what, and how people become happy. People experience happiness in a different way and that is what makes writing the blog such a unique experience every day. I am constantly learning about new ways to experience happiness and I love sharing those ideas with the readers. Similarly, people have been gracious enough to share their happiness with me by writing about their unique experiences of love, loss, and everything in between. More than just a blog on my personal commentary, The Sunny Side Up is a forum for myself and the readers to share our perspectives on happiness. It has been an extremely rewarding journey that I love to be a part of every day.
HC: What do you hope to achieve through blogging?
LC:More than anything, I want people, especially students in high school and college, to know that they are never alone in what they may be experiencing. I won’t deny that while this time in our lives can be extremely happy, it can also be very discouraging, lonely, and even depressing. It is my hope that rather than offering an overzealous Pollyanna view, the blog can be a simple source of optimism and hope for a good day and an even greater tomorrow.

HC: You’re currently also writing a book, correct? How is that going?
LC:It’s going great! I won’t deny that it’s hard to find time to write while being a full time student, but when I do get to write, it is such an exhilarating learning experience. I’m thrilled about The Sunny Side Up because I think it is a fresh perspective on happiness for people my age. More than just my research and opinion on happiness, the book offers perspectives from over 100 other students from around the country. The writing process has been an enlightening and therapeutic method for not only myself, but for all the students who have written for the book as we discover who we are and what makes us happy. And while I can dream about writing a National Bestseller, I think what will make me happiest is knowing that The Sunny Side Up has helped young adults feel that much happier in their daily lives.  I think they deserve it.