Naughty Knights & Crazy Sex; Mortal Kombat Tells All

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Dear So She Says,

My story starts off in a sports club at UCF where I met this astoundingly cute guy. He was hilariously inappropriate, engaged in reciprocative witty banter, and had a smoking hot body. Definite friend-with-benefits material (I wasn't looking for anything serious at the time). So that's exactly what we became. The best kind of FWBs too because the sex was amazing. A large amount of our "fwbship" was completely insulting each other and being able to laugh about it. So, one night I get to his apartment and we're having some of that great girl-on-top cowgirl. Midsex he tells me to let him know when I'm close to climaxing. I figured he probably just thought it was hot or something so I did. Little did I know, I was in for a big surprise. Just as I was climaxing, he proceeded to yell out "MORTAL KOMBAT" as loud as he could. I heard a loud trampling approaching the door. I had no time to process what was going on and when I did, it was too late. Three of his roommates ran into the room and bellowed "FINISH HER." Needless to say, I was absolutely mortified. But, I did think it was absolutely hilarious and he is now my boyfriend. Little does he know though, payback is a bitc*.


Mortal Kombat


Dear Mortal Kombat, 

I can't say I haven't heard a similar story. I was at a fraternity party once, and all of a sudden we hear someone scream "Mortal Kombat," from upstairs. Within unison the entire fraternity shouted back, "Finish Her." Now, I thought when the guy screams MK, it meant HE was ready to cum, but I guess it could go both ways.  Needless to say, a young girl ran down the stairs with her bra in her hand covering her face until she made it outside. I can't even imagine that feeling, but I have to say it was entirely hysterical. Cheers!

Keep Writing,



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