Metal Heart; the Soft Side of a Hard Rocker

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Welcome to 2013, where the '90s are more in style now than when they were actually happening. Urban Outfitters is selling Nirvana sweatshirts to shoppers that are barely old enough to smell their own "Teen Spirit." If I ever have an itching to watch Sex and the City, I’m guaranteed to find it on at least one cable network at any given time of the day. Ripped jeans, studs, ironic camouflage - it’s all back with a vengeance. And speaking of back with a vengeance, Valentines Day is right around the corner. Poking through the grunge of the '90s came some of the most iconic love songs of all time, so this article goes out to all you romantic punks out there. Take these next couple of weeks to mix up your hard and soft sides and throw a little romanticism in with your rock n’ roll.

I found Melanie Liu in front of the Student Union passing out flyers for an event. Her use of a loose-fitting comfy sweater with her structured jeans and studded combat boots immediately caught my attention. Her outfit was exactly what I was looking for this week: a perfect mixture of hard and soft. A look this on point isn’t that hard or expensive to recreate and put your own twist on either. Thrift shops like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are flooded with oversized sweaters of all knits and colors, so bring out your inner Macklemore and show off how thrifty you can be.

After chatting with Melanie for a little bit, she told me about a Speed Dating event that the Asian Student Association is holding on this Thursday, the 31st from 5:30-7:00. That inspired me to challenge you single Stylish Collegiettes to go out and do something this Thursday night. Get dressed in your date-night best and find a valentine. Although I already have my better half, I definitely want to go. What’s more fun than Speed Dating with the club that gave UCF the best ‘Gangnam Style’ parody video ever? The speed dating will be held in the Barbara Ying Center on campus.

I know the idea of spending your Valentines Day with your true love (Netflix) is tempting. I know that some days you get up and you want to wear nothing but black and stomp around campus in your cat eyes to show everyone how alternative you really are. I know both of those things because I was just writing about myself. Alas, it is the season of love! Throw some brooding reds into your wardrobe and on your lips, cover yourself in lace and pair it with some leather, wear a fancy dress and give it some studs as an accessory piece. I’m not trying to turn you into a hunk of burning love, but sometimes being on point is about opening yourself up to love, especially when it is as easy and fabulous as a chunky knit sweater and a night speed dating. 

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