Budget-Friendly Dupes for Dior’s Summer 2011 Collection Nail Polish

Dior recently released their newest collection for Spring/Summer 2011: Electric Tropics.  As you can clearly tell from the name of the collection, Creative Director of Dior Makeup, Tyen, drew inspiration for this collection from “paradise.”  The collection itself highlights the contrast between neon colors and sun-kissed skin.

Of course the colors are gorgeous, but can we, as college students, justify spending $26 for a bottle of nail polish? I’m thinking we can’t.  So I decided to do some research and find some budget-friendly duplicates (dupes).

The first of the two Dior “vernis” being released in this collection is named “Aloha.”   The name is so fitting with the theme and immediately makes you think of the bright colors in Hawaii.  This bright orange color can also be replaced by OPI’s Brights Power from the Mod About Brights collection.  Though OPI retails for around $8, you can easily find this polish for around $5 on Amazon.  With Dior’s high price of $26, that’s over 80% cheaper!

The second Dior polish is named “Paradise.”  Of course, this polish is the ideal color of the word because let’s face it, we all think pink when we think of paradise.  The OPI dupe of this would be “Shorts Story” which is the prettiest pink you could ever lay your fingers on. Of course, if you wanted something brighter, you could go for OPI’s “Pink Flamenco” as well.  Again, the OPI polishes sell for around $8 in stores, but you could always search the internet-world for some lower prices. But then again, anything’s better than Dior’s $26-a-bottle price.

So what do you think? Do you like the dupes, or would you rather pay the price for the real deal? Are there any other high-end products that you’d like to see dupes for? Leave me a comment down below and your new favorite item may just show up in my next article.