7 Sexy New Trends For Valentine's Day

#1 LRD: "The Little Red Dress"

              Forget about that “Little Black Dress” you wore last year, and the year before that…and the year before that. Get yourself a little red dress to wear this Valentine’s Day! Black may be slimming, but studies show that men are more attracted to and less intimidated by a woman dressed in red. And make sure it’s little! Men love to see a bit of skin; be a tiny tease by showing off your lower back or collar bones with a heart-shaped neckline.

#2 Velvet pops

              The most romantic, sensual fabric there is. Appealing to look at and soft to touch, wearing a vintage, velvet pair of heels or thick, dark velvety headband can be super stylish. If you're not into outrageously loud shoes, try to find a cute velvet clutch bag.


#3 Fresh flowers

              Try incorporating live, fresh flowers into your hair for a more natural, laidback look. Certain flowers have aphrodisiac scents that invoke feelings of arousal and excitement in men…Ooh la la. So pin your side bangs back with some jasmine or make a headband out of lavender and baby’s breath this Valentine’s Day.

#4 Tickle-me-pink flats

              I know I’ve said it before…There is nothing girlier than a small pop of pink. If you decide to wear an off-white dress or light, destroyed skinny jeans this Valentine's Day, definitely pair them with some pink flats. They’re comfy, cutesy and make you look confident! Make sure your shoe has a little bit of character, as well. Look for bows, studs, interesting texture or shape. These adorable In Touch flats shown are super affordable and can be purchased at www.Modcloth.com.


#5 Skater skirt

              This kind of skirt is a pretty new trend that will be blowing up further into spring! Basically, it’s a high-waisted circle skirt resembling those worn at a 1950’s sock hop, but much shorter and made from that shiny material of an ice skater's costume. They can be majorly flattering on many silhouettes. It may be slightly difficult to them find at your local mall, so try some online websites with dozens of styles instead, such as www.Polyvore.com, us.Topshop.com, or www.ASOS.com.


#6 Cutout dress

              This dress type is awesome because you can be showing a little skin while wearing a decently modest or conservative garment. On the runway this spring there were many long, ankle-length gowns with subtle, sexy cutouts. A little skin goes a long way; it gets the boys thinking about what they can’t see!


#7 Romantic Tights

              For a while, women have been ditching their classic hosiery and going out with their bare legs and pedicured toes. Then in recent years, we’ve seen a flux of brightly colored tights or ripped tights trending amongst the young, urban population of women. But this Valentine’s Day, embrace the new-coming era of tights where pattern, texture and sex appeal is everything. I highly recommend going to your local Urban Outfitters and checking out their new line of romantic tights. From tights with red hearts or bows, to mock garter tights, to ultra-laced tights, to tights with floral patterns or glitter…They literally have it all!