Nathalie Hernandez: The Life of a Successful Latina College Student

Name: Nathalie Hernandez
Age: 20
School Year: Junior year, class of 2014
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Major: Political Science/Law and Society, and Sociology

What do you think is your best attribute?

One of my best attributes is honoring commitments. In order to gain respect, loyalty, responsibility, and accountability, one must honor commitments and complete them to that person’s highest capacity. In honoring my commitments and going beyond the required work necessary has led me to succeed personally and professionally. I have been able to work with State Senator Lou Correa, The Moore Law Group, for the City of Santa Ana, and with the Dean of Students at the University of California, Riverside. I can say that my hard work, dedication, and commitment have paid off by having all these wonderful opportunities.

Are you involved in any on campus activities?

I am currently involved in the following organizations: Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Inc., Collaborative Multicultural Council (CMC), Active Minds, ORBITS, and the Student Conduct Ready Advisor Program.

What made you become President for CMC?

What made me become President for CMC was my love towards the Greek community. As President and leader I want to be able to see all 40 Greek organizations come together for a common cause which will benefit the University of California, Riverside (UCR). This will be my biggest satisfaction as President of CMC. Being a leader is not an easy job but it is definitely rewarding. As President of 20 Greek organizations on campus, I plan to make a positive impact on the Greek community as well as in UCR taking it to another step further where it will receive recognition for its contributions to UCR.

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush would be Robert Pattinson.

What is your favorite thing about UCR?

My personal favorite thing about UCR is the staff members. I believe that the people who work for the University do it because they truly care for the students. Our Chancellor, the Dean of Students, advisors, and other staff members do a fantastic job in listening and helping the students when in need. Another thing I like about UCR is that we are full of programs, workshops, clubs, seminars, and guest speakers for every topic that we could possibly think of. The University of California, Riverside provides hundreds of resources in order to make its students be well rounded and succeed.

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