Ask Annie: Roommate Problems

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Why can't we change roommates every quarter?

-Annoyed by This Rude Roommate

Dear Annoyed by This Rude Roommate,

     I am truly sorry that you were unfortunate enough to get a horrible roommate, but don't despair! If you haven't already asked for a roommate change before then you can definitely look into filing for one. But before we get to that, have you brought up the issue with your roommate? Maybe it can all be worked out. What is it that is bothering you about your roommate? Is it something that can be fixed, like the fact that they let their alarm clock ring every morning or they tend to eat all of your yogurt. I'm sure that by making the issue known, the situation can be fixed. Sure you probably won't end up being best friends with your roommate but at least the issue will be out there in the open and hopefully your roommate is considerate enough to change. If the problem is more along the lines of you getting sexiled every night or your roommate is stealing your underwear (anything along the lines of them not being able to respect you), then I suggest you tell your R.A. If your roommate is affecting your academic and personal life then I am more then positive that someone at the housing center will be helpful and understanding in allowing for you to switch roommates. But your problems will never be addressed unless you speak up!

Wishing you the best of luck,


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