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This hash tag has been recently trending on Twitter, so I figured I’d set the record straight and confront the awkward moments head-first so you’ll know exactly what to do should an “awkward moment” arise. 

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen...You are at a party and are talking to a person you’ve met before...but you can’t remember their name. 

How to deal: When one of your friends walks by, introduce them to the person who’s name you can’t remember. Most likely, they’ll introduce themselves back, and you’ll be able to remember their name the next time! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to do this. To remember in the future, try to say their name as many times as you can within a conversation. For example: Oh my gosh Jenny, you’re so funny! Wow Jenny, where did you get those earrings? It may seem a little forced at first, but people love to hear their own names, so it won’t sound weird to them.

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen...You ask someone how their long-term boyfriend/girlfriend is, and they say they broke up. 

How to deal: Say something along the lines of “Oh I’m sorry, I had no idea!” and move on. Don’t dwell, ask what happened, or bash their S.O because they could get back together and then you’re the crappy friend who talked bad about their relationship. It’s better to be the friend with ice cream and their favorite movie than to be the one who meddles in their relationship...trust me, it only creates drama!

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen...You run into your ex, and they’re with someone new. 

How to deal: If you’re at a crowded restaurant/club/classroom, just do your own thing. If your ex makes eye contact, then feel free to smile or give a friendly wave. If you happen to run into them walking down the street or on campus and it would be awkward not to say something, be polite and keep it short. Don’t let your ex see you get angry or jealous, it’s just not flattering. If you’re cordial and classy, it will make them realize what an awesome guy/girl they missed out on. After they are out of earshot, feel free to call you best friend and rant about how ugly her outfit was or how he was prematurely balding. In fact, I encourage it.

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen...You are wearing the same outfit as someone else at the party.

How to deal: This is more for the ladies, considering guys typically wouldn’t care if they were both wearing a white Polo button down. However, it’s somewhat embarrassing to be caught in a “who wore it better” showdown, unless of course, you wore it better. Should this scenario arise, I would go up to the person and commend them on their great taste in clothing. This girl and I had the same costume at a Halloween party, I started talking to her about fashion, and now we’re good friends. See, good things can come from awkward moments!

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Jaime is a junior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There she is the captain of her varsity golf team and a journalism and English double-major. She is an active member in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee where she helps organize volunteer opportunities and social functions for student-athletes at UAB. Jaime enjoys cooking, entertaining friends, reading/writing blogs, fashion, and of course, golf. She aspires to eventually write for a major magazine or write chick-lit books.