President Adrian Jones Dishes on his Campaign, the Ladies, and How to Dress for Success

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Name: Adrian Jones
Year: Junior
Major: Pre-med; Physics
Age: 21
Hometown: Marion, AL
Activities: USGA President, Iota Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., member of the Campus Planning Committee, former Senator for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Meet your USGA President for the 2012 school year, collegiates. He’s intelligent, has humility, knows that chivalry hasn’t died out, and he’s single. What more could you want in a guy and representative for the UAB student body?
“I’m a very approachable person. I want people to feel comfortable coming up to me. I’m versatile in an adaptable way.”

HC: Congratulations on your new position as UAB’s USGA President! Are you excited, or what?
AJ: Thank you! I’m very excited. I’m excited to create a link between the student body and administrators. I’m excited to meet students that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet. Yes, I’m excited.

HC: Trust us, this is a laid-back interview. I’m going to ask you questions like, “Are you single? How do you stay focused with your beautiful Vice President, Katie Crawford?” So, are you single?
AJ: *Laughs.* Eh...well, I guess it’s safe to say that I’m single.

HC: How do you feel about your VP, Katie Crawford?
AJ: I’m very excited to work to work with her. She won the election while she was in Spain, and we’ve already talked about some plans that I want to implement. We have a very professional relationship.

HC: What’s the appropriate attire for “Presidential Swag?”
AJ: I like to wear bold, sold-colored suits whenever I have a meeting of importance. When I’m going to class, I typically wear khakis and a nice Polo button-down with Sperry’s. Polos are my favorite, and I’m very open to gifts. HC: We believe that a tie can make or break a gentleman’s outfit.

HC: Tell us your favorite styles.
AJ: I like to incorporate professionalism and school spirit. Black and gold ties or green and white ties look nice, and I also like Paisley print. I like a full windsor knot, and I also wear bow-ties.

HC: The real question is, can you tie your own bow-tie?
AJ: I’m new to it, but yes!

HC: Any advice to guys pertaining to gentlemanly attire and etiquette?
AJ: If you put something on and don’t feel comfortable, you probably shouldn’t wear it. In other words, don’t scream for attention. A gentleman should always practice basic etiquette such as holding doors open, pulling out chairs for ladies, and taking their hats off at appropriate times.

HC: Any dating advice?
AJ: A guy should treat every female like he treats his mom and family members. Try to treat every female with the same respect. Be well-groomed, and have humility. If you have humility, a lot of people can respect that.

HC: One last thing that the ladies want to know. What attracts you to a female?
AJ: I like a girl who is intelligent, goal-oriented, driven, has a sense of humor, and doesn’t just settle for being the first lady. I want someone who wants to be the president. Equality is key; it is important to be able to speak on each other’s behalf.

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