Meet Kristina Vaughn!

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Name: Kristina Vaughn
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Relationship Status: Taken (Sorry, boys!)


HC: Why did you choose UAB over a school like Alabama or Auburn?
KV: I decided to go to UAB because I wanted to major in biology and eventually go into physical therapy, and UAB is more focused in health science than any of the other universities in Alabama. I also got a scholarship to run track and a good academic scholarship so that was also part of my choice to come to UAB.

HC: What do runners eat?
KV: I try to eat relatively healthy, but every now and then I like to splurge on something delicious.

HC: When you DO splurge, what do you prefer, sweet or salty?
KV: Sweet. I love dessert!

HC: How did you start running competitvely?
KV: I chose to do cross country in high school because a bunch of my friends were already on the team and I really wasn’t good at anything else! (laughs) I don’t have the best hand-eye coordination.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
KV: In 5 years I see myself finished with school and with a successful job as a physical therapist. I’m not really sure about the rest!

HC: You seem to have it all together. What's your weakness?
KV: Public speaking is my weakness! I get so nervous before sort of speech or presentation. I even once fainted in speech class because I was so nervous!

HC: We are a fashion magazine, so we have to ask...what’s your favorite accessory?
KV: I love sparkly studded earrings. I have about 5 different ones and I wear them every day.   

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