My Campus Celeb: Josh Frishberg with TopSpin

Josh Frishberg works for an amazing company called Foxrock Partners, and has everything you need to know about the company!

Here's why you should check out Foxrock Partners and their non-profit organization TopSpin!




Following is a brief overview of the branding of TopSpin.

What is TopSpin?
By leveraging the visibility and resources of the sports, entertainment and media industries, TopSpin drives awareness of the American education crisis & provides critical support for relevant youth-focused initiatives in our surrounding communities.

Our primary goal in 2012 will be to deepen our engagement across multiple touch points (event // digital // social) to establish TopSpin as a completely innovative, integrated cause marketing & activation platform for corporate partners & grassroots nonprofits alike.

How did the company become involved with TopSpin?

Our CEO, Peter Farnsworth, used to debate with his colleagues at the NBA over each others’ Ping-Pong skills. After agreeing to a friendly competition between friends, they thought they’d take it a step further by making it an event to support charity.

Just three years old, TopSpin has raised over $750,000 for our partners to-date. Now that Peter has started his own company, Foxrock Partners, he states that one of the greatest parts of this job is that doing well and doing good is not mutually exclusive.

Why do you think it is important for the readers of Her Campus to know about TopSpin?
It’s important for readers to know about TopSpin because of our cause and our partners who are doing tremendous work behind the scenes to make change in our communities. TopSpin and its partners believe education is the key to success – both for individuals and our nation. Our education system is failing, and as citizens, it’s our responsibility to take action. The statistics on education in the US are alarming to say the least –
• More than 1.2 MILLION students drop out of school each year. That is 6,000 per school day – or one every 26 seconds.
• 68% of 8th graders nationwide cannot read at grade level; most will never catch up
• 40% of NYC high school students do NOT graduate high school and 43% of high school dropouts under the age of 24 are JOBLESS
• If 2011 dropouts were to graduate; they’d add $154 billion to the U.S. economy over their lifetimes.
And, that’s only four stats - there are thousands more.
TopSpin’s motto is “It’s Your Serve.” We believe success is rarely achieved alone. Many of us have benefitted from the support of teachers, parents, & mentors, so now it’s our responsibility to pay it forward. We believe we collectively have the power and the means to change the future of education in the US.

We encourage you to do the same, sign-up to tutor, mentor, or volunteer for a local education-based organization in your community and start a fundraising team to support TopSpin’s partners who are giving kids the chance to succeed!!

What are some of TopSpins upcoming events?

Our main focus for TopSpin this year is growing our support base in New York City and building a national campaign that will power an education movement. Our marquee event will take place in early-November. We’re in the process of revamping our website, but event details can be found their as soon as we finalize –

What is TopSpins most successful cause?

TopSpin partners with education-based non-profits who provide opportunities for “at-risk” kids to succeed. To-date we have partnered with multiple organizations in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Our 2011 partners included:

Prep for Prep – NYC
Groundwork, Inc. – NYC
A Better Chance – NYC
KIPP Bay Area Schools – San Fran
Breakthrough Collaborative – San Fran
Working in the Schools (WITS) – Chicago
Noble Street Charter School – Chicago
Rowe Elementary School – Chicago

Our 2012 partners will be announced June 1, 2012.

Anything else the readers of Her Campus should know?

Keep in touch with us about 2012 events at

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