Hawkeye Tailgate Do’s & Don’ts

Around the corner is every Hawkeyes favorite season... TAILGATE SZN! College football in Iowa City can't come soon enough. Returning students, you know the drill (but may need a refresher), and incoming freshmen, listen up to these Hawkeye tailgate do's and don'ts to better prepare, survive and thrive this tailgate szn: 

Do: Set your alarm (or multiple) the night before.

Don’t: Go out (or drink too much) the night before.

Do: Charge your phone the night before.

Don’t: Put your phone in your pocket (9/10 it will fall out, invest in a fanny pack).

Do: Pick out your tailgating outfit the night before (gives you extra time to sleep).

Don’t: Wear your favorite pair of shoes (they will be ruined).

Do: Eat a substantial breakfast (think protein to keep you goin' throughout the day).

Don’t: Have just a Red Bull or a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Do: Pace yourself at the pregame.

Don’t: PREGAME TO HARD! Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Do: Bring $$$ for cover at the bars after tailgate (most charge on game day).

Don’t: START. A. TAB. 

Do: Walk from Melrose to the bars after tailgate (Uber's have a hefty surcharge on game days).

Don’t: Be a drunk b*tch to your Uber driver.

Do: Take lots of cute pics.

Don’t: Make the whole day about pictures… LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Do: Take a nap after (again, set an alarm to wake up!).

Don’t: Sleep through the night.

Do: Have fun and drink responsibly.


Happy tailgating szn, Hawkeyes!


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