Mess With My Head, Again and Again


Guy after guy, relationship after relationship, time after time, you promise yourself that next time you will go for a guy that has no drama and won’t mess with your head. But of course, this promise falls through and you end up confused, again.

So it begins in the same way: you meet a new guy after being hurt by the last. He seems different and makes you happy. Things begin strong, but then he sends you mixed messages and leaves you confused. Some days he acts like he likes you, and then others you don’t exist. Some days he treats you like a princess, and then others you’re on the bottom of his list. What happened?

Mixed messages are the worst possible thing to happen in the beginning of a relationship. They are nearly impossible to decipher and make you want to pull your hair out, unless that’s just me.

My latest boy troubles include this guy that I’ve been talking to for the past few weeks. At times he seems like he has actually feeling for me, but then it's like I fall off the face of his earth. We talk occasionally, but only brief conversations. Those days without him are…confusing. Because I’m a girl and so emotional, I tend to overthink things, actually I always overthink things.

How am I supposed to figure out if I should jump and admit my feelings for him? Rejection hurts, and it always feels better to know you’re not the only one who’s taking the leap of faith. I can’t help but feel confused after every time we talk. Its almost like talking to him reassures me, but then once the conversation ends, the insecurities rush back again.

I’m not one for taking the advice I dish out, but I would tell anyone who is experiencing the same problem to do this: let yourself think, I mean really think. If this guy really means that much to you, you need to let him know and find out if he feels the same way. If he doesn’t, then that’s his loss. I know your friends will say this too, but the right guy will come eventually. This guy might not have been worth your time, so the rejection saved you time that could be spent on a new guy. It’s hard to put yourself out there sometimes, but if you don’t, you will never know what could have happened. Who knows? This guy might not be able to pick up on your feelings. Guys are a little oblivious to the little hints we drop.

Mixed signals, mind games, and confusion are never fun especially before a real relationship even starts. All you can ever do is stick it out and figure out how long you want to put up with it. You need to make sure you let the guy know how lucky he would be to be with you. You don’t have your entire life to spend waiting around for him; you don’t have your entire life to waste being confused. Whether you take a leap of faith, or you decide to walk away, remember that every girl deals with mixed signals. Regardless if they are in a relationship, just got out of one, or are trying to start a new one, mixed signals and mind games happen to everyone. You just have to decide how long you want yours to last for. 

Emily is a sophomore at Towson University majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in journalism. She enjoys writing, listening to music, and going to concerts. She writes for Towson's newspaper (, on Tumblr (, or on her Twitter (@dinoemmie). This is her second year on the HCTU staff and she is currently Vice President, She also enjoys creating graphics, marketing, and advertising. Emily aspires to be a magazine editor. 

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