Second Presidential Debate Recap

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Tuesday night’s debate was a roller coaster of emotions. Both presidential candidates seemed to be on there

A game, especially President Obama who looked like he was trying to redeem himself after the first debate.

The debate format was setup in a town hall type of style where both candidates took questions from the

undecided voters in Long Island, New York. The two candidates answered the questions, and in turn made

this a more exciting and sassier show for the viewers at home. Throughout the night both candidates argued

with each other, calling out each other’s plans, and getting very testy at what their opposing candidate was

saying. At one point the two of them got so close to each other, it looked as if they were about to fight. Another

surprising performance though was from mediator Candy Crowley. Crowley was more invested in this debate

then Jim Lehrer was, adding to the excitement of this debate. So collegietes who do you think won last nights

debate? Also anyone else notice has Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were wearing the EXACT same


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